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Meisterstück 149 Curved Nib

Happy handwriting day. Alas, I spent the last 365 days without writing anything here. But today I’d like to share another special pen: another Meisterstück Calligraphy 149 pen from Montblanc, but now with a specially-designed curved nib. Its hand-crafted nib is not a flex nib, but an innovative curved nib allowing the user to draw […] Continue reading

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BBI Prep for North Maluku

September 2022 edition of BBI will be carried out in North Maluku — a province surrounding Northern Moluccas islands. Northern Moluccas was once a central source of global trade even since the Roman era. But currently the economy of this area is not so significant comparing to other areas. With this BBI program, we intend … Continue reading “BBI Prep for North Maluku” Continue reading

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TEMS Regional Leadership Meeting

TEMS — or the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society — is an IEEE society with a mission to advance, enhance, and improve essential management and leadership knowledge and skills of IEEE members. The IEEE TEMS Regional Leaders Subcommittee carried out its 1st meeting this year today, with a new team. This meeting was led … Continue reading “TEMS Regional Leadership Meeting” Continue reading

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BBI Bukittinggi

Bukittinggi is a small historical and cultural city in West Sumatra province. It was once appointed as the provisional capital of Indonesia when the criminal armed forces of the Netherlands occupied Yogyakarta (i.e. also the provisional capital of Indonesia). The elegant city is located amidst Bukit Barisan mountain, just between Mt Marapi dan Mt Singgalang … Continue reading “BBI Bukittinggi” Continue reading

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P3DN Business Matching & SME Expo

In Nusa Dua area of Bali Island, the GoI carried out a business matching event for three days (22-24 March 2022) between Ministries, Govt Institutions, and Local Government on one side, and national industries and SME on the other side. This event also exhibited some national industry associations (organised by Ministry of Industry) and SME … Continue reading “P3DN Business Matching & SME Expo” Continue reading

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IMT-GT eCommerce Tech Planning

When I was in Kupang (May 25th), I was invited by the Coordinative Ministry of Economy (Kemko-Ekon) and Ministry of ICT to discuss the implementation of IMT-GT e-Commerce plan. I presented some options we might choose using PADI UMKM as a national hub connected to the IMT-GT Mall. But then the Government addressed us to … Continue reading “IMT-GT eCommerce Tech Planning” Continue reading

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IMT-GT Strategic Planning — SWG ICT

Virtual Meeting on IMT-GT Strategic Planning Meeting (SPM) / Sub-Working Group on ICT was held today. The Standing Chairman of IMT-GT SWG on ICT is from Mme. Suhaila Yeop Johari (Communications Technology Division, Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia). I attended the meeting representing Telkom Indonesia as the platform owner of PADI UMKM — the … Continue reading “IMT-GT Strategic Planning — SWG ICT” Continue reading

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Pelikan Souverän M1000

For the International Handwriting Day today I will display Pelikan M1000 as one of the best pens I have (considering, though, that almost all my pens are the best pens). This pen is the top member of the Pelikan Souverän family. This family consists of the M3xx, M4xx, M6xx, M8xx, and M10xx — with the […] Continue reading

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BBI for 2021

At this special BBI coordinative meeting, the Coordinative Minister of Maritime & Invesment reminded us that the program expansion to leverage the MSME & national product should be accelerated in 2021; and the programs would include the quality improvement for the MSME & their products. Some MSMEs must be leveraged to the class of artisans, … Continue reading “BBI for 2021” Continue reading

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BBI Q4/2020

BBI (Bangga Buatan Indonesia) is a coordinative & collaborative programs to improve the economy and commercialisation of national products with special emphasis on MSME products, led by the Government of Indonesia — in this case the Coordinative Minister of Maritime and Investment (Menkomarves). Telkom is actively involved in this program via its MSME Digital Ecosystem … Continue reading “BBI Q4/2020” Continue reading

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