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Inauguration of Prof Ford Lumban Gaol

Prof Ford Lumban Gaol was the Vice Chair when I serves as the Chairman of the IEEE Indonesia Section 2013-2015. He & I also co-lead the IEEE Tensymp 2016 in Bali. Then he experienced a lot as a visiting lecture in Russia and Japan. But today, we celebrate his inauguration as a Professor of Computer … Continue reading “Inauguration of Prof Ford Lumban Gaol” Continue reading

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November — one of the most inspiring months, with its dark season in most populated part of the earth. Darkness, reducing the ability to see with our eyes, but opening our heart wider to see the wisdom of our life, of the universe. And at the first week of November, we celebrate Fountain Pen Day. […] Continue reading

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Batik Day

Batik Day a.k.a. Hari Batik Nasional is a national observance celebrated in Indonesia on October 2nd each year. The day is dedicated to celebrating the rich cultural heritage and artistry of batik, which is a traditional Indonesian fabric that is created using a wax-resistant dyeing technique. Batik has a long history in Indonesia and holds … Continue reading “Batik Day” Continue reading

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Le Petit Prince #3 — Montblanc

As a personal joke, I call it an example of a cognitive dissonance, or specifically on the aspect of cognitions importance — the greater the perceived value of something, the greater the magnitude of the dissonance in the relation. The dissonance on the importance values result sometimes in unpredictable things. An example is the activity […] Continue reading

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Waterman Edson

The Waterman Edson Sapphire is supposed to be a luxurious and highly esteemed writing instrument with a stunning design that captivates from the first glance. It features a deep blue sapphire-coloured lacquer barrel with lustrous silver accents, giving it a refined and sophisticated appearance. The pen’s streamlined shape, sleek clip, and intricate detailing demonstrate the […] Continue reading

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Le Petit Prince #4 — Montblanc

Today we celebrate the 80th anniversary of the first publication of The Little Prince. On April 6, 1943, the first edition of the book was published in the United States, featuring illustrations created by the author, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The book tells the story of a young prince who travels from one planet to another, […] Continue reading

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Meisterstück 149 Curved Nib

Happy handwriting day. Alas, I spent the last 365 days without writing anything here. But today I’d like to share another special pen: another Meisterstück Calligraphy 149 pen from Montblanc, but now with a specially-designed curved nib. Its hand-crafted nib is not a flex nib, but an innovative curved nib allowing the user to draw […] Continue reading

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Otto Hutt Design 04

Otto Hutt Design 04 is a notable and highly regarded series of writing instruments by the German manufacturer Otto Hutt. Introduced in 1999, Design 04 has become synonymous with the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship, innovative design, and luxurious aesthetics. Otto Hutt is a German manufacturer known for producing high-quality writing instruments, including fountain pens. The […] Continue reading

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BBI Prep for North Maluku

September 2022 edition of BBI will be carried out in North Maluku — a province surrounding Northern Moluccas islands. Northern Moluccas was once a central source of global trade even since the Roman era. But currently the economy of this area is not so significant comparing to other areas. With this BBI program, we intend … Continue reading “BBI Prep for North Maluku” Continue reading

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TEMS Regional Leadership Meeting

TEMS — or the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society — is an IEEE society with a mission to advance, enhance, and improve essential management and leadership knowledge and skills of IEEE members. The IEEE TEMS Regional Leaders Subcommittee carried out its 1st meeting this year today, with a new team. This meeting was led … Continue reading “TEMS Regional Leadership Meeting” Continue reading

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