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Eid Mubarak & Free Palestine

Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum, taqabbal yaa kariim. As the crescent heralds the arrival of Eid’l Fitr, may the day bring us the great victory in our endeavour, the triumph of our spiritual renewal, and deep contemplation and gratitudes. Eid…

BOD Convo — BRI & Telkom

As a part of Synergy team of Telkom Group, sometimes we are requested to facilitate meetings between or among SOEs. This week we got involved in a meeting between the Vice CEO of BRI (Catur Budi Harto), IT Director of BRI (Arga Mahanana Nugraha), Group Business Development Director of Telkom (Honesti Basyir), and CEO of … Continue reading “BOD Convo — BRI & Telkom”

University of Cambridge — Onoto

The University of Cambridge has a rich history that spans more than 800 years. Its origins can be traced back to 1209, when a group of scholars migrated to establish ofa new centre of learning in Cambridge. By 1231, the institution received a charter from King Henry III, which granted it significant privileges. This charter […]

Agree–Scala Pre-JV Agreement

Agricultural transformation is a great technological and business opportunities with huge challenges and risks, requiring strategic-level collaboration or alliance in aggregating the capabilities, resources, while sharing the business risks that may occur. Scala, a Japanese digital enterprise aiming to enhance the prosperity of mankind through digital technology development, has requested since last year to be … Continue reading “Agree–Scala Pre-JV Agreement”

IMT-GT Strategic Planning 2024

IMT-GT SPM (Strategic Planning Meeting) 2024 is currently carried out in Jakarta, 23–25 March 2024. Leveraging regional economy through digital transformation and ecosystem-based strategy is still the main theme of the discussion. Representing Telkom Indonesia, we put our focus on cross-border MSME products transaction and delivery, expecting to design a pilot with different treatment in … Continue reading “IMT-GT Strategic Planning 2024”

Kopi dan Kolesterol

Web ini cukup banyak mengulas efek kopi bagi kesehatan. Namun banyaknya penelitian-penelitian dalam beberapa tahun terakhir mendorong perlunya update pengetahuan atas dampak kopi bagi kesehatan. Serial tulisan ini akan dimulai dengan kolesterol. Kolesterol tinggi atau hiperkolesterolemia dapat memiliki berbagai akibat negatif pada kesehatan kita. Kolesterol adalah lemak yang penting untuk berbagai fungsi tubuh, tetapi ketika kadar kolesterol dalam darah terlalu tinggi, dapat menyebabkan masalah kesehatan serius, termasuk penyakit jantung, stroke, aterosklerosis (pembentukan plak lemak dalam pembuluh darah), xanthomas (benjolan kuning…

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Inauguration of Prof Ford Lumban Gaol

Prof Ford Lumban Gaol was the Vice Chair when I serves as the Chairman of the IEEE Indonesia Section 2013-2015. He & I also co-lead the IEEE Tensymp 2016 in Bali. Then he experienced a lot as a visiting lecture in Russia and Japan. But today, we celebrate his inauguration as a Professor of Computer … Continue reading “Inauguration of Prof Ford Lumban Gaol”


November — one of the most inspiring months, with its dark season in most populated part of the earth. Darkness, reducing the ability to see with our eyes, but opening our heart wider to see the wisdom of our life, of the universe. And at the first week of November, we celebrate Fountain Pen Day. […]

Batik Day

Batik Day a.k.a. Hari Batik Nasional is a national observance celebrated in Indonesia on October 2nd each year. The day is dedicated to celebrating the rich cultural heritage and artistry of batik, which is a traditional Indonesian fabric that is created using a wax-resistant dyeing technique. Batik has a long history in Indonesia and holds … Continue reading “Batik Day”

Le Petit Prince #3 — Montblanc

As a personal joke, I call it an example of a cognitive dissonance, or specifically on the aspect of cognitions importance — the greater the perceived value of something, the greater the magnitude of the dissonance in the relation. The dissonance on the importance values result sometimes in unpredictable things. An example is the activity […]

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