BBI for 2021

At this special BBI coordinative meeting, the Coordinative Minister of Maritime & Invesment reminded us that the program expansion to leverage the MSME & national product should be accelerated in 2021; and the programs would include the quality improvement for the MSME & their products. Some MSMEs must be leveraged to the class of artisans, whose products will have better quality than the industry comparisons.

Telkom, with its definitive role as the architect of the platform-based digital ecosystem for MSME business will expand the digital market for the MSME, including generating and promoting a wider market demand for the MSME products & services. Some horizontal and vertical integrations have been planned to ensure the MSME economy will be part of national development strategy; and some new services could be established, including financing, certification, quality improvement, export facilities, etc.

BBI Q4/2020

BBI (Bangga Buatan Indonesia) is a coordinative & collaborative programs to improve the economy and commercialisation of national products with special emphasis on MSME products, led by the Government of Indonesia — in this case the Coordinative Minister of Maritime and Investment (Menkomarves). Telkom is actively involved in this program via its MSME Digital Ecosystem programs, incl PADI UMKM and Rumah BUMN.

This year, some footholds have been established, including the BBI program itself, PADI UMKM & Bela Pengadaan, and some programs related to MSME in Creative Economy and Maritime & Fishery. For Telkom, the main role is to build, establish, and expand the platform-based digital ecosystem for MSME business, including their development and economic improvement.

The next thing to do is to build a context for integration among those separated systems and applications, to establish a real ecosystem supported with integrated information and platform, where all programs and activities could provide mutual support in leveraging different segments of MSMEs, including small and medium business in agriculture, fishery, forestry, creative industry, etc.

Круглый Стол в ЮФУ

This weekend, Mr Ford asked me to provide a presentation in a forum organised by the SFedU. The title of the forum is «Круглый Стол : Развитие Компаний в Период COVID-19: Вызовы и Возможнпсти» — or more or less: Round Table: Business development in the COVID-19 era: challenges and opportunities. SFedU, or Southern Federal University (Южный федеральный университет = ЮФУ) is a university in Rostov Oblast, Russia, with campuses located at Rostov-on-Don and Taganrog.

The speakers for this forum are from the academicians and business people from Japan, Italy, Thailand, and Indonesia.

In my presentation, I discussed again how these COVID-19 crises actually provide some contexts for us to design a strategic transformation by exploring the new opportunities and using potential collaborative innovations. In theory, we have all we need to start establishing it with synergistic efforts. I described in brief the way we can start planning the ecosystem.

Indonesian Computer Society Gathering

The IEEE Computer Society Indonesia Chapter has carried out a member gathering today. Apparently, during the COVID-19 crises, it is not very easy to organise such meeting, albeit an online one — so this gathering presented no less than six presenters; two of which are Prof Cecilia Meras, the Past President of the IEEE Computer Society, and yours truly.

My presentation was titled «Digital Platforms for Society Resilience in Time of Crises». We have understood that these crises have motivated businesses to plan, do, or speed up some kinds of digital transformation. But the transformation should not only stop at adapting the business to the new situations — whatever they are. Instead, it is actually a just-in-time context to design a strategic transformation by exploring the new opportunities and using potential collaborative innovations. In theory, we have all we need to start establishing it with synergistic efforts.

Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Montblanc

Rhapsody in Blue — a composition I used to wake myself up for years. As if understanding how hard it is to start a day, it starts with a slow and random clarinet melodies. But then it raises to an orchestra with dynamic harmonies to absorb the spirit with no stop to our soul. And that is how life used to begin for years.

Its composer, George Gershwin (September 26, 1898 – July 11, 1937), was an American composer and pianist whose compositions spanned both popular and classical genres. Besides Rhapsody in Blue, his best-known works are an orchestral work An American in Paris (1928), the jazz standard I Got Rhythm (1930), and the opera Porgy and Bess (1935) which gave birth to the hit Summertime.

Montblanc has an annual tradition to launch donation pen collection for honouring world-famous classical musicians. This program supports selected cultural projects from pioneering artists the world over with a donation of 20 euros per fountain pen (and 10 euros per ballpoint or rollerball). The edition of 2019 paid the tribute to George Gershwin.

The design of Gershwin fountain pen is quite distinctive — easily recognised. The clip is in the shape of a clarinet — a tribute to the clarinet opening from Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. Another tribute to Rhapsody in Blue is the ink window which features a blue colour. The cap ring is inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge to symbolise the close relationship George Gershwin had with his place of birth. The cap and barrel are made out of black resin combined with platinum-coated fittings. The length of the pen with the cap is 15.6 cm, and the total weight is 89.84 grams.

Parker Duofold

This year the world commemorate 75 years of the end of the World War II. After the surrender of the German on June, Japan decided to surrender on August, due to the continuous defeat at the Pacific theatre, the dropping of two atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but especially by the declaration of war and attacks from Russia. Like Germany, Japan chose to surrender to the US rather than being occupied by Russia. Hey, those mad Russians had even murdered their own Tsar on World War I and almost all of their own heroes just before the World War II..

Now, please forget those clumsy Russias with their bad fountain pens (at that time), and focus to the US. Dwight D. Eisenhower and Douglas MacArthur were US Generals with quite different personalities, but — being American patriots — they both used the same brand of pen for the surrender documents 75 years ago. Eisenhower had chosen Parker 51, but MacArthur preferred to use Parker Duofold. Eisenhower’s Parker 51 was used to sign the German Instrument of Surrender in Reims (07 May 1945). MacArthur used a Parker Duofold to sign the Japanese Instrument of Surrender on the deck of the USS Missouri (02 September 1945). Both were two of the most popular pens of their time. But the Duofold was a design that was 20 years older than the 51.

Parker started producing Duofold in 1921. It was a large pen compared with other pens at the time. Almost all other pens at the time were black, but Duofold was available in a bright red/orange color. Even at the USS Missouri, there were multiple pens used to sign the multiple copies of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender — all were standard black pens, except that one Duofold.

The Duofold design is based on the era of Jazz and Art Deco and reflects the abundance and style of the time. It is actually a collection of writing instruments with exceptional character and outstanding design. The Duofold pen is available in 3 sizes, the large Centennial, classical International, or the smaller Demi. The one displayed here is a Parker Duofold Centennial, launched to celebrate 100 years of Parker pens, i.e. in 1988. Crafted from solid acrylic with highly distinguished, contrasting contrasting platinum details. The pen has an 18 kt gold nib in F sizes.

Some dimensions info:
Weight 28 gram
Length closed 135mm
Length barrel 127mm
Length posted 172mm
Diameter 13mm

Now I need to know — besides the usual arrow design of Parker pens — the story behind the ace of spade symbols on both the nib and the cap of this great pen.

Sergei Vinogradov

Pembatasan sosial di masa krisis COVID-19 ini memaksa kita bekerja di rumah, plus mengurusi pekerjaan rumah. Asisten rumah tangga dll tidak disarankan ada di sekitar wilayah rumah. Jadi, kadang vicon urusan kepentingan negara pun dilakukan sambil cuci piring atau seterika. Namun, beberapa malam ini, setelah PADI UMKM sukses diluncurkan, dan vicon malam berkurang, pekerjaan menyeterika terpaksa dilakukan sambil cari aktivitas lain. Aku kurang suka menonton film. Tapi, daripada menonton baju, akhirnya film-film lama di iPad TV ditayang ulang. Sambil mensuasanai 75 tahun berakhirnya Perang Dunia II, beberapa hari ini filmnya tentang Perang Dunia II, e.g. Perang Stalingrad dan Perang Sevastopol.

Namun film Stalingrad membuat teringat pada tokoh Sergei Alexandrovich Vinogradov. Vinogradov ini perwakilan di Kedutaan Uni Soviet di Turki. Turki berbatasan dengan wilayah yang sudah jatuh ke Jerman dan sekutunya; namun juga berbatasan dengan beberapa wilayah Uni Soviet di Kaukasus. Keberpihakan Turki sangat penting pada semua pihak. Namun sejauh itu Turki merasa tidak berkepentingan pada Perang Dunia II. Tak urung, Stalin mengerahkan pasukan dalam jumlah besar untuk menjaga perbatasan dengan Turki.

Saat itu pasukan Jerman telah menghancurkan tentara dan rakyat Uni Soviet, merangsek ke selatan hingga sungai Volga, siap mengepung Moskow sekaligus mencari jalan ke sumber minyak dan pertanian di Asia. Pasukan dan rakyat Uni Soviet yang tak bersedia menyerah, dan terjadi perang paling mematikan sepanjang Perang Dunia II di Stalingrad.

Mendadak Vinogradov diminta kembali ke Moskow. Tanpa konsideran. Diminta segera kembali.

Vinogradov mencari penerbangan yang masih memungkinkan, menyeberangi wilayah perang, dan sampai di Moskow. Tidak ada perintah apa-apa lagi. Dia diinapkan di sebuah hotel.

Malam itu ia dijemput ke sebuah markas di luar kota. Di sana, ia menjumpai tak lain dari Stalin sendiri, dikelilingi beberapa anggota Politbiro.

Vinogradov memberi salam kepada semuanya. Stalin mempersilakannya bergabung.
“Berikan vodka dulu untuk Dubes Vinogradov,” pinta Stalin.
Vinogradov melakukan toast demi kesehatan Stalin, lalu minum.
“Sekarang katakan, Dubes Vinogradov, apakah Turki akan memerangi Uni Soviet?” tanya Stalin.
“Tidak, Ketua Stalin,” jawab Vinogradov, singkat.
“Berikan vodka lagi untuk Dubes Vinogradov,” ujar Stalin.
Vinogradov minum lagi.
“Sekarang katakan lagi, Dubes Vinogradov, apakah Turki akan memerangi Uni Soviet?” tanya Stalin sekali lagi.
“Tidak, Ketua Stalin,” jawab Vinogradov.
Lalu Stalin memberi perintah, “Baiklah, kamu kembali ke Turki. Dan, sampai kapanpun, ingat selalu jawabanmu.”

Dengan jawaban Vinogradov itu, Stalin menarik mundur semua pasukan Uni Soviet di perbatasannya dengan Turki, dan mengirimkannya ke Stalingrad.

Sejarah mencatat bahwa perang mematikan itu menjadi titik balik Perang Dunia II. Jerman dapat dikalahkan, dipaksa mundur Tentara Merah Russia, terus mundur hingga kembali ke Eropa Timur, Eropa Tengah, lalu dipaksa menyerah dengan kota Berlin berhasil diduduki Uni Soviet.

Setelah perang, pernah Vinogradov ditanyai sejawatnya: dari mana ia tahu bahwa Turki tidak akan memerangi Russia. Vinogradov menjawab: tidak ada informasi dari petinggi Turki yang mana pun. Andaipun ada informasi, maka informasi mudah berubah dalam ketidakpastian dalam krisis dan perang luar biasa itu. Yang ia lakukan hanya memahami situasi dan kondisi moral yang ada pada para pemegang kekuasaan di Turki, diperoleh dari komunikasi dan pergaulan terus menerus.

Vinogradov pun memiliki jasa besar bagi kemenangan Sekutu di front Eropa Barat. Pemerintahan pelarian Jendral Charles de Gaulle memiliki peran aktif dalam kemenangan di front barat. Namun sebelum penyerangan, ia merasa perlu menanyakan apakah Pemerintah Uni Soviet dapat memberikan pengakuan pada pemerintahan de Gaulle sebagai perwakilan Perancis yang sah. Mereka minta bantuan melalui Vinogradov, dan Vinogradov memberikan rekomendasi kepada pemerintah pusat di Moskow untuk memberikan pengakuan yang diminta de Gaulle.

Di tahun ini, dan tahun-tahun sebelumnya, aku bekerja di Departemen Sinergi di tempat aku kerja sekarang. Ada unsur diplomasi di sana, ada unsur business intelligence, ada upaya kolaborasi kompetensi, ada penyusunan strategi bersama. Dan salah satu kunci dalam pekerjaan ini adalah terus menerus memahami suasana dan kondisi pemerintah pusat, kementerian, dunia bisnis, dunia industri. Tidak hanya dengan memperoleh informasi, apalagi informasi formal, namun dengan memahami konteks, serta membentuk konteks. Ketepatan pengolahan konteks ini yang menentukan apakah sebuah misi akan berhasil.

Kembali ke Perang Dunia II. Di awal tahun, sebenarnya sempat pula tertonton miniseri mata-mata Russia di Jepang Richard Sorge. Sorge ini orang Jerman, tapi anti-fasis. Ia memata-matai Kedutaan Jerman di Tokyo — titik informasi dua sekawan fasis di Perang Dunia II. Seperti Vinogradov, Sorge berjasa pada Russia dengan memberi informasi intelejen kepada Stalin bahwa Jepang tidak memiliki niat untuk menyerang Russia pada saat itu; sehingga pasukan Russia di timur jauh dapat dialihkan ke front barat untuk menghadapi Jerman.

Franz Kafka — Montblanc

Franz Kafka (3 July 1883 – 3 June 1924) was a Bohemian author, widely regarded as one of the major figures of 20th-century literature. His work fuses elements of realism and the fantastic. It typically features isolated protagonists facing bizarre or surrealistic predicaments and incomprehensible socio-bureaucratic powers. It has been interpreted as exploring themes of alienation, existential anxiety, guilt, and absurdity. His best known works include Die Verwandlung (The Metamorphosis), Der Process (The Trial), and Das Schloss (The Castle).

In 2004, Montblanc has launched a special edition for Franz Kafka. The design of the fountain pen of this series is not only reminiscent of the simple and yet artful style of its eponym, but also pays tribute to Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. In the fascinating change from square to round in the writing instrument’s form, the metamorphosis described in Kafka’s story has found its equivalent.

Top, clip and rings made of 925 sterling silver offer a thrilling contrast to the dark red translucent aura of the barrel. A further reference to The Metamorphosis is on the rhodium-plated 18-karat gold nib: a finely engraved cockroach.

Die ungeheure Welt, die ich im Kopfe habe. Aber wie mich befreien und sie befreien, ohne zu zerreißen. Und tausendmal lieber zerreißen, als in mir sie zurückhalten oder begraben. Dazu bin ich ja hier, das ist mir ganz klar

Franz Kafka 21-06-1913

Saint-Exupéry 120 Tahun

Andai tidak ada wabah COVID-19, tentu hari ini dirayakan luar biasa oleh para penggemar tulisannya di seluruh dunia. Antoine Marie Jean-Baptiste Roger, Vicomte de Saint-Exupéry, lahir di Lyon 29 Juni 1900. Hari kelahirannya kini disebut sebagai Hari Pangeran Kecil.

Juni tahun lalu aku sempat mengunjungi kembali dinding di Pantheon yang dipahat untuk mengenang Pahlawan Perancis yang menghilang saat misi pengintaian di pantai selatan Perancis 75 tahun sebelumnya (31 Juni 1944). Seorang pioneer di industri penerbangan beberapa dekade sebelumnya, dia memaksakan diri untuk terbang pada usia yang sudah tidak optimal, dan menghilang dalam tugas.

Buku Pangeran Kecil ditulis seolah sebagai memoar dalam keresahan St-Ex, yang bahkan melintasi waktu. Pangeran Kecil resah akibat ancaman kerusakan pada planetnya oleh baobab, akhirnya pergi ke bumi, untuk melihat dunia yang acuh dan bodoh. Dengan bekal seadanya — gambar domba saja — Sang Pangeran Kecil memutuskan kembali. Dia dipatuk ular padang pasir, dan pastinya meninggal, namun sebenarnya ia hanya menghilang. Begitupun St-Ex yang meninggalkan Eropa hanya untuk melihat masyarakat Amerika yang masa bodoh. Ia menyerahkan manuskrip Le Petit Prince ke penerbit, lalu kembali ke Eropa, dan hilang dalam misinya. Pastinya meninggal? Namun ia — seperti yang ditulis di dinding Pantheon — hanya menghilang.

Yang dikhawatiri St-Ex untuk dapat merusak Eropa adalah bibit-bibit totalitarianisme, kediktatoran, yang berawal seolah dari gerakan rakyat yang hendak mengangkat harkat hidupnya. Waktu kecil, tak jelas mana bibit tanaman biasa, dan mana tanaman perusak. Namun kita harus waspada. Pangeran Kecil rajin menyapu planetnya, memastikan tuna baobab tak tumbuh. Ia pun mencari domba untuk makan tunas baobab, sambil khawatir domba makan bunga mawarnya. Sebelum St-Ex pergi ke Amerika pun, ia telah didiskreditkan baik oleh Pemerintah Vichy yang mendukung pendudukan Nazi di Perancis, maupun oleh Jendral Charles de Gaulle sang pemimpin gerakan Perancis Merdeka. Pemerintahan Vichy — suka atau terpaksa — memang pendukung kediktatoran Hitler. Namun St-Ex melihat bahwa de Gaulle pun memiliki sikap dan peluang seorang diktator. Musuh kemanusiaan, dan ancaman bagi rakyat, bukan yang di kanan atau di kiri, melainkan potensi totalitarianisme, baik pada individu maupun kelompok.

Tahun-tahun peringatan 120 tahun lahirnya St-Ex (serta 75 tahun menghilangnya St-Ex tahun lalu) diperingati secara tenang, nyaris tanpa keramaian. Tahun lalu, Montblanc Jakarta mengundangku menyampaikan cerita Si Pangeran Kecil pada para loyal customer-nya. Montblanc menerbitkan edisi khusus St-Ex tahun 2017, dan edisi khusus Pangeran Kecil tahun 2018, 2019, dan 2020. Tentang perpenaan ini, sila simak di SYLO.INK.

Site LEPETITPRINCE.EU juga sudah makin dilengkapi dengan data buku Pangeran Kecil yang makin banyak dari 6 benua (minus Antarktika) dan 3 lautan, termasuk wilayah-wilayah di tengah samudera dan di sekitar kutub utara. Situs berbasis wilayah negara itu kini ditemani juga dengan situs baru PANGERANKECIL.COM yang berbasis akar bahasa. Jumlah buku sudah mencapai … ah apa sih relevansinya angka dengan dunia kita?

Oxford University — Onoto

For my birthday, I will display one of my favourite pen: Oxford Blue Magna Classic by Onoto. This pen is dedicated for the University of Oxford, and it was designed with the official Oxford blue coloured resin and complemented by sterling silver fittings including a broad engraved cap band, the University of Oxford crest on the cap button and Onoto Chevron clip.

The Oxford Magna is based on the style and shape of one of the most famous Onoto fountain pens — the Onoto Magna of 1937 which is still acclaimed as one of the best fountain pen ever made.

Surely I bought it because of its dedication for The University of Oxford. But I do not buy pens just for collecting them. I remember the first day with the pen, I filled it with a GFC Midnight Blue ink, since I thought it perfectly matched the colour of the pen. Then I wrote a few line with it, and instantly fell in love. It surprisingly writes very smoothly, finely, comfortably, and I could write my best with this pen. I never change the colour of the ink for this pen since then. I guess this is the only pen I have, in which I never changed the ink since the beginning.

This Onoto pen accompanied me to many events, including international conferences, congress, classrooms, meetings. Nobody recognised the Onoto brand, though. Onoto is not a famous brand here in Indonesia. I guess people just think this is a souvenir from a visit to Oxford University.

I was in The University of Oxford in 2012 just for a short visit. The small city expressed the elegance of the academic tradition of the University’s colleges throughout the city.