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On Complexity

Computer Science Doctorate Program of Binus University invited me to provide an Industrial Talk for their PhD-level students. I offer them a talk on the… Continue reading

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P3DN Business Matching & SME Expo

In Nusa Dua area of Bali Island, the GoI carried out a business matching event for three days (22-24 March 2022) between Ministries, Govt Institutions, and Local Government on one side, and national industries and SME on the other side. This event also exhibited some national industry associations (organised by Ministry of Industry) and SME … Continue reading “P3DN Business Matching & SME Expo” Continue reading

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IMT-GT eCommerce Tech Planning

When I was in Kupang (May 25th), I was invited by the Coordinative Ministry of Economy (Kemko-Ekon) and Ministry of ICT to discuss the implementation of IMT-GT e-Commerce plan. I presented some options we might choose using PADI UMKM as a national hub connected to the IMT-GT Mall. But then the Government addressed us to … Continue reading “IMT-GT eCommerce Tech Planning” Continue reading

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IMT-GT Strategic Planning — SWG ICT

Virtual Meeting on IMT-GT Strategic Planning Meeting (SPM) / Sub-Working Group on ICT was held today. The Standing Chairman of IMT-GT SWG on ICT is from Mme. Suhaila Yeop Johari (Communications Technology Division, Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia). I attended the meeting representing Telkom Indonesia as the platform owner of PADI UMKM — the … Continue reading “IMT-GT Strategic Planning — SWG ICT” Continue reading

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Круглый Стол в ЮФУ

This weekend, Mr Ford asked me to provide a presentation in a forum organised by the SFedU. The title of the forum is «Круглый Стол : Развитие Компаний в Период COVID-19: Вызовы и Возможнпсти» — or more or less: Round Table: Business development in the COVID-19 era: challenges and opportunities. SFedU, or Southern Federal University … Continue reading “Круглый Стол в ЮФУ” Continue reading

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MSME Ecosystem

Since 2016 I have a new role in Telkom Indonesia as the AVP (now Project Leader) of the Industry Synergy. The role of Synergy Department is simply developing the capabilities (mainly digital capabilities) and expanding opportunities of Telkom Group by maximising the collaboration with the industry. As a government policy at that time, the collaborations … Continue reading “MSME Ecosystem” Continue reading

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IEEE R10 Professional Activity Mico

Tahun ini IEEE Indonesia Section berkesempatan menjadi tuan rumah bagi IEEE Humanitarian Technology Conference (HTC), yaitu flag conference ketiga milik IEEE Region 10, setelah TENCON dan TENSYMP. HTC 2019 diselenggarakan di Universitas Indonesia, Depok. Aku hanya berperan sebagai advisor di konferensi ini, jadi tak banyak berperan selain di perencanaan awal. Di HTC 2017 di Bangladesh,…

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